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As a coach and facilitator I value opportunities that can make a positive difference.    Coaching and facilitation can be powerful tools in so many circumstances.  I’m excited to see them being used more and more with individuals, organisations and communities.




Transformational linked conversations working with the whole of you.  Unlocking your potential and resources.  Moving you forward towards your goals whilst increasing your awareness of self.  My ultimate intention is that you become the person you were made to be.



Collaboration, focus groups, developing teams and creating effective meetings.  With engaging facilitation it is possible to combine the potential of a group of people to achieve greater than expected outcomes,  having a positive impact on people, organisations and communities.


The diagnosis of a long term health condition can impact many parts of your life and that of your loved ones. I offer one-to-one coaching for your self-management journey.   Partners and carers this is for you too.  Employers this could be a valuable way to support your employees as they come to terms with diagnosis or a new role of caring for a loved one. 


Next Steps…

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