Throughout December I have enjoyed sharing “An Advent of Words” with my Facebook group “Carers Coaching Space”. These words have been something for people to reflect on and share their thoughts if they wish. It is amazing the power of a simple word and how it can ignite differing thoughts in us. The words I chose were inspired by the advent story.

In the text below I have put the words back into the advent story. Wishing you all a very Joy and Peace in 2019.


An angel visited Mary, she had been chosen by God. Mary knew in her heart that this was her purpose. Joseph had a choice to make, it took great courage to honour his engagement to Mary.

Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth to share the happy news. Elizabeth encouraged Mary “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the child you will bear..” Mary stayed with Elizabeth for 3 months, supported by her friendship.

It was time for a census to be taken, Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem with his wife and unborn child. It was a long and tiring journey. As they arrived in Bethlehem Mary became ready to have her baby. Mary needed to find a place to rest. The couple went from inn to inn, hoping that someone would welcome them. At last an innkeeper was able to show some hospitality even if it was just a stable.

Imagine Mary’s joy as she gave birth to her first born son. Mary and Joseph had no help, they were alone in a humble stable with just the animals watching on. Jesus was born, the Prince of peace. God has so much love for mankind that he sent his one and only Son. Jesus was God’s gift to the world.

The shepherds saw a great light. The shepherds could not help but listen to the message from the host of angels. The shepherds and the wise men knew that this new baby was special and hurried to present their gifts. The wise men, concerned for the safety of this new family returned home without telling Herod where they were to be found.

Jesus came to bring healing to the whole world.

An advent of words