Coaching for carers

Are you a carer?

Caring for a loved one, whether they are a child, sibling, partner or parent is becoming a reality for an increasing number of people.  In some cases people become a carer overnight and have to adjust quickly to this new reality, for others the role of carer sneaks up on them or is not recognised "I'm just doing what anyone would do in this situation".

What will coaching do for you as a carer?

As a coach I offer a safe space for you to look at what needs your most urgent attention and how best to support your loved one, take time to consider your own well-being and then think about what the future might hold, how will you adapt, grow and become the person you were made to be in this new situation?  Create your own coaching programme with the option of 10 themed sessions to add to our coaching conversations.

Are you an employer supporting unpaid carers in your workforce?

1 in 9 people in employment are also unpaid carers for a loved one.  People are caring for children, partners, parents, siblings and friends.  This number is set to increase, in particular as our population ages.  There are great employers out there who offer support to carers in many forms; flexible working hours, employee assistance programmes, paid or unpaid leave, information and signposting.  Some organisations have established carers networks and peer-support groups.  This can have a positive impact on staff turnover, sick leave and stress in the workplace.  Coaching for carers is a valuable addition to this support.

Supporting organisations to become more carer friendly

For organisations that want to be carer friendly but don't yet have policies and structures in place, a coaching programme for individuals could be a great first step.  This could also be the catalyst for a cultural shift in the organisation.  I also offer consultancy services to support your organisation to be a supportive environment for carers, working with you to develop policies, identify hidden carers, establish effective peer-support groups, a carers network and an organisational culture that reflects its policies and ideals.

Lived experience and passion

With 15 years as a carer for my husband with Parkinson's, working with and talking to other carers, I know that a caring role doesn’t have to be the end of who you are.  New doors could be opening and life will be looking different in the context of this new situation.  Most support for carers arrives at a point of crisis, a more proactive approach would have a positive enduring impact on carers, their loved ones, communities and organisations.

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