After overcoming the first possible hurdle of recognising ourselves as "Carers" what next? It would be easy to hit the internet and go down rabbit holes of clubs to join, possible benefits to claim, connecting with other carers on social media and joining campaigns for carers rights.

Slow down, it's ok. Maybe just try these 5 things to start with:

  1. Tell your GP (so you are on their carers register).
  2. Tell your employer - they may have carer friendly policies or just be more understanding if they know your situation.
  3. Join Carers UK. A reliable source of information.
  4. Find your local Carers organisation (Carers Trust should be able to point you in the right direction) Maybe no need to go along to events yet but find out how they can help.
  5. Sit down and work out what is your current biggest challenge to solve - address this first to clear yourself some thinking space.

If you want to connect with other carers on Facebook but not be bombarded just yet try my Facebook closed group:

First steps for carers

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