Getting started can be a time of great procrastination.  Making decisions about branding, logo and website can send us round in circles, particularly if we want our business to evolve and grow into its own niche (we know that a niche makes good business sense)

Step out of the loop.

Ask yourself

  1. What will be the things about my business that will not change?
  2. What is the simplest brand decision I can make?
  3. Who do I know that knows about this stuff?
  4. What can I action this month?

My answers were:

  1. For my business, the service will always be delivered by me and needs to reflect me and my story.
  2. I can use my name as the brand name, other bits can be added to this as the business develops.
  3. I knew 3 people, 1 had done this recently themselves, 1 works in the world of marketing and one does a lot of this on a voluntary basis to support.
  4. This was my action plan
  • Set up meetings and conversations and plan what I want to achieve from them
  • Investigate options to build a website - and make a decision
  • Appoint a graphic designer and agree a quote
  • Set up business pages /accounts on Twitter and Instagram (Facebook already done)
  • Build the simplest website that is good enough for now
  • and........write my first blog 😉




Getting Started