While it’s good to have a sense of independence and to challenge yourself to find your own solutions, you can definitely take that too far.”

This jumped out at me today from a blog by May Bush (Executive Coach).  When establishing my own business I have enjoyed the challenge of working out websites, social media, mailing lists, copywriting, invoicing and even tax returns.  I love to learn and to develop new skills.  Yes… I probably need to watch that I don’t take this too far.

It got me thinking about life more broadly too, being a mum, wife, carer, employee, business owner and volunteer do I reach out for the help I need?…hmm sometimes.

It can be a challenge accepting, asking for and finding help.  There can be no-go areas.  I hear a lot of carers say they couldn’t let someone else care for their loved one. Plus it’s also not always a decision entirely in their hands.

There are some practical things to consider around help:

  • What kind of help is most useful?
  • When to get help, in a crisis, regular or one off?
  • Where to get help, is it paid or unpaid?

Look below the surface though and there are issues to do with pride, guilt, habit, fear, acceptance, denial and more.  What if the kind of help you need isn’t the practical sort?

If you are someone that struggles with the idea of getting help how about challenging yourself to get help in one area of your life?

  • What is one area that you are open to having help with?
  • What difference would it make to you to get this help?
  • What new possibilities might open up if you get this help?
  • Who else will benefit from you getting this help?

If you’d like to read the blog that inspired me today here is the link

Would working with a coach on this be helpful?  Please get in touch I’d be happy to have a conversation.

If pondering on the above questions has got you somewhere do comment below to inspire others.


What if you got some help?